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How some of the patches work…

Here are two excerpts, one from a patent application, explaining how the patches work and the other from medically published clinical trial.

Patent Application Excerpt ( It is my understanding that this patent was for the pain patches which work differently than the x-39 but this gives you an idea of what they are working with. If you find any more information please send me an email. Namaste.)

[0004] Copper bracelet is believed to perform functions of relieving pain and helping to alleviate symptoms of arthritis for a
user. A mode of operation for these functions has been proposed as mobility of copper ions from the copper bracelet through
the user’s skin and into the user’s blood stream. If the mobility of copper ions is the mode of operation of a copper bracelet,
then an individual or a user could not obtain immediate relief from pain, etc., due to a long period of time required for this
mode of operation to become effective. Accordingly, a drawback of existing systems with respect to a copper bracelet is that
the therapeutic response–if any–takes place over a relatively long period of time. Another drawback of the existing systems
is that the copper bracelets have a limited and narrow field of use.


[0005] Various types of magnetic jewelries are believed to perform functions of relieving pain and improving circulation.
Clinical studies performed with magnetic jewelries indicated that there is an effect going on other than a placebo effect. An
effect of a magnet on a human body could be due, in part, to the fact that human blood contains iron. In one theory, the iron
in the blood causes the blood to be attracted to a part of the body in which the magnet is worn, resulting in improvement in
circulation. However, there are biophysicists who question the efficacy of a magnetic jewelry. For example, it is well known
that the DNA contains Hydrogen bonds. Because a magnet is polar in nature, a back emf from the magnet to the Hydrogen
bonds may be possible. This might cause the Hydrogen to spin in opposition to what is normal and disassemble the DNA of
that cell. In any case, long term studies of magnets as they apply to humans are needed. Another drawback of the existing
systems with respect to a magnetic jewelry, is that the therapeutic response–if any–is limited and narrow with respect to the
field of use.


[0006] Therefore, with respect to jewelries that may be utilized for the purpose of achieving a therapeutic effect, there is a
need for an alternative to the copper bracelet and the magnetic jewelries that are found in the present market. Such
alternative may require a mode of operation that is different from the modes of operation of the existing copper bracelet and
magnetic jewelries. In this regard, an examination of alternative modes of operation for a passive therapeutic jewelry needs
to be considered.


[0007] First, referring to eastern philosophies, and specifically the Indian belief of a human CHAKRA SYSTEM, a
representation of what is referred to in eastern medicine and philosophy as the human Chakra system is described.
According to eastern philosophy, the human Chakras are points in the body in which a vortex-like flow reversal occurs,
establishing a strong energy point in the human body. Like acupuncture, the concept of a “Chakra” system in human beings
has not been embraced by conventional western medicine. However, it is interesting to note that the Chakra points do
coincide with acupuncture points. Furthermore, the Chakra point of the Heart (#4, Anahata/Anandakanda) has special
relevance to the invention disclosed here.


[0008] Referring now to publicly available HUMAN ACUPUNCTURE CHARTS, a representation of various human
acupuncture and acupressure points are described. Unlike the “Chakra” concept, acupuncture has had some acceptance in
western medicine, although this acceptance has only happened over a period of decades. As may be seen in Acupuncture
Charts, there is a strong Chi (energy) point at the same point as the #4 Chakra. This is known as the Shanzhong point, and is
indicative of the primary energy flow point in the human body. For further clarification, this point is located on the anterior
midline, at the level of the fourth intercostals space. An additional point of interest is the Zhongji point, located 4 cun below
the umbilicus, and is indicative of the crossing point of the ren channel. This is not to say that there are not additional points
of interest in the acupuncture system.


[0009] Referring now to the work of Davis and Rawls (Magnetism and its effect on the living system by Albert Roy Davis
and Walter C. Rawls, April 1996, Acres USA Publications), a view has been illustrated for actual electrical measurements
made on the front surfaces of a human body. These measurements were performed by Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls at
the Albert Roy Davis Research Laboratory in Florida. The findings of these two researchers indicate that the right side of
the human body is positively (electrically) charged and the left side of the human body is negatively charged. These findings
also indicate the average voltages that were recorded at various locations of the human body. It is worth noting that the
vicinity of the #4 Chakra point shows the highest voltage among all the points on the human body. This would also coincide
with the belief in the acupuncture system that the Shanzhong point is the strongest Chi point in the human body.


[0010] Referring again to Rawis and Davis (Magnetism and its effect on the living system by Albert Roy Davis and Walter
C. Rawls, April 1996, Acres USA Publications), a view has been illustrated for the electromagnetic equators of the human
body. Of interest with respect to the invention disclosed here is the point in the center of the chest, which Davis and Rawls
state that according to their findings, this point is where voltage change is noted, and at this point there is zero voltage when
measuring from the crotch to this point. Again, this corresponds well with the Chakra system and the acupuncture system.


[0011] In addition, the body of evidence supporting acupuncture has reached the point of being irrefutable. This said, a
conclusion may be reached that in addition to blood flowing through the human body, there is also an energy flow through
the human body.


[0012] In order to understand the energy flow through the human body, a phenomenon of a thermomagnetic field may need
to be considered. A thermomagnetic field may be obtained when a group of dissimilar metals is arranged so as to form a
coil, with each dissimilar metal junction being alternately heated and cooled. To illustrate this effect, reference is now made
to the work of Schroeder, with publicly titled documents (U.S. Pat. No. 5,393,350 and U.S. Pat. No. 5,597,976) entitled
this device is capable of obtaining a low voltage, high current within the ring structure resulting in a magnetic field of 10 to
20 tesla. The magnetic field produced is so strong that the ring requires structural reinforcement with Keviar or the like. The
point made here is that this device produces a magnetic field in a novel manner, a method that does not use an electrical
input but rather an input of heat.


[0013] Referring now to FIG. 1, a human body as illustrated relates to temperature differential. As illustrated in FIG. 1,
human beings maintain a core temperature that is higher with respect to the extremities of the hands and feet. This
differential is well known in the art and may be viewed in detail via infrared imaging techniques well known to those of
skilled in the art. Due to this temperature differential as well as other factors, the conditions necessary for the production of
thermomagnetic fields within the human body may be present. This phenomenon is scientifically plausible when one
considers temperature differential, the presence of dissimilar metal components in the body such as Iron (blood) and Copper
(collagen, enzymes, etc.), and the manner in which the blood flows via the circulatory system (flow reversals at extremities).
In eastern philosophy, the thermomagnetic field is referred to as the “Aura”, and is shown to extend several inches from the
body. This would be consistent with magnetism. Furthermore, Kirlian photography technique records a field of energy
emanating several inches from humans and plants, again consistent with magnetic fields.


[0014] If there is indeed a magnetic energy field that extends from the surface of a human body, then it should be possible to
construct a passive apparatus that would be capable of interacting with this field, and altering the properties of this field. As
an example, in acupuncture, a practitioner utilizes known techniques to detect “blockages” to energy flows in the human
body. When the locations of these blockages are determined, then either needles or pressure is applied to this point for the
purpose of relieving and removing the blockages. Accordingly, another drawback of the existing systems is a lack of an
apparatus that can be placed over specific acupuncture points and that can interact with a humans’ energy field and promote
energy flow and circulation in a similar mode of operation to acupuncture but without needles or physical contact.


[0015] When considering the flow of either fluids or energy, we now consider vortex flows that consist of either centripetal
or centrifugal forces, and how these flows might be produced passively. As will be recalled, a vortex may have an inward
spiraling flow (centripetal) or an outward spiraling flow (centrifugal). In nature, the tornado is an example of a phenomena
that illustrates both flow types. Further, it is often stated that an inward spiraling vortex is associated with a build-up of
energy, such as the destructive tip of the tornado, while an outward spiraling vortex is associated with a dilution of energy.


[0016] Various chemical species in the human body and biochemical materials may also need to be considered since they
may play a role in interacting with energy fields within the human body. To this end, Left-Handed and Right-Handed
molecules may need to be considered. It is known that the Left-Handed group of molecules known as amino acids are
utilized in the body for the purpose of building protein structures such as muscle tissue. This process of the amino acid
forming a “building block” for a larger protein structure is generally recognized as being a solely chemical process.
However, if all naturally occurring amino acids are considered Left-Handed (amino acids are isomers and demonstrate the
phenomena of optical chirality), and that light passing through an amino acid will bend to the left, a thermomagnetic field in
the presence of an L-amino acid would orient itself to the left as well. Accordingly, at the molecular level, in the process of
the amino acid being used to form a protein, the human thermomagnetic field twists to the left in the presence of the L-
amino acid, causing the thermomagnetic field to spin clockwise (inward) which creates a buildup of energy, with this energy
assisting in the formation of the new protein structure.


[0017] Similarly, some sugars such as sucrose may play a role in the human body. Common table sugar is a right-handed
molecule. Thus, the human thermomagnetic field in the presence of sugar would spin counter-clockwise thereby creating a
centrifugal flow which would lead to the dissipation of an energy field. This would at first seem to be inconsistent with the
role that sugar plays in the body, which would be to create the basic building blocks of energy units (ATP). However, if we
examine the actual chemical process that sugar is involved in, then we know that in order for sugar to enter the ATP cycle, it
must first be broken down. Accordingly, at the molecular level, in the process of the sugar being broken down so that it may
be used for the creation of ATP, the human thermomagnetic field twists to the right in the presence of the sugar, causing the
thermomagnetic field to spin counter-clockwise (outward) which creates a dissipation of the structure, with this energy
assisting in the destruction of the sugar molecule.


[0018] If these effects are occurring within the human body, then it should be possible to create a device that passively
interacts with the human body in such a way so as to promote the build-up or flow of energy within the human body.


[0019] Therefore, another drawback of the existing system is a lack of an apparatus and a method for regulating the energy-
flow, thereby producing a beneficial response within the human body.

“Heart Rate Variability Patches” Research

LifeWave energy patches are a new patent pending technology that incorporates organic nanoscale biomolecular antennas into a wearable apparatus that consists of a white patch and a tan patch. The patches contain a proprietary formula of biomolecular stereoisomers, which when dissolved in water exhibit liquid crystal properties. The white patches contain L-stereoisomers and the tan patches contain D-stereoisomers.
The patches are constructed so that an aqueous solution is injected into a reservoir containing a small disc of fabric, which is sealed between two pieces of water impermeable medical grade polyethylene. The fabric serves as a template that allows the
organic molecules to crystallize out of solution forming a matrix antenna composed of nanoscale sized crystals. The end result of this manufacturing process is the creation of semiconducting biomolecular antennas. Because the materials are sealed in a nonporous material the patches are nontransdermal (no material enters the body).
The nontransdermal nature of the patches has been confirmed by independent laboratory testing. The resonant frequency of a material is defined as the natural vibratory rate or frequency of each substance be it an element, a molecule or a spring.
Energy transfer can occur between materials when their resonant frequencies (oscillations) are matched. In addition, when biomolecules in a cell are exposed to an externally applied or internally created electromagnetic field that matches their resonant frequency, the field can be said to be coupled to the biomolecule and the biomolecule will subsequently absorb
energy from the electric component of the field. The vibratory interaction of the organic semiconducting molecular crystals in the patches with the oscillating bioelectromagnetic field of the body generates weak electric signals, which in turn frequency modulate the bioelectromagnetic field of the body. Frequency modulation of the body’s bioelectromagnetic field encodes a set of information signals in the same way that electromagnetic carrier waves are modulated by radio stations to communicate audio information .
The specific information signals that are encoded by frequency modulation into the body’s bioelectromagnetic field by the “energy patches” have the same resonant  frequencies as certain cellular structures involved in activating a metabolic cascade that results in increasing beta oxidation of long chain fatty acids. The end result is that these “energy patches” increase energy production in the body through a resonant interaction.