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I am utterly thrilled about the possibility of affordable stem cell regeneration for all. My sense and experience of this company is that it has a number of brilliant products, one of which supports stem cell rejuvenation in a safe, non invasive, cost effective and easily accessible new technology. Having transformed through almost 2 decades of chronic and acute illness, I am inspired to share this cutting edge technology that supports deep transformative vitality for healthy individuals and for those with chronic and acute conditions.

Here are some videos I find useful.

Krysta’s Story

Relieve Sore Throat and Sneezing

Livewave Report video

Basic video on X39 stem cell patch

Lengthy detailed PDF of x39 stem cell patch

Light as Healing Phototherapy

Here is one from PBS

Here is a simplified one about phototherapy

Arizona Chiropractor link

Here are two technical articles explaining the cutting edge technology about the pain patches.

My reason for sharing.

Having suffered and transformed through almost 2 decades of debilitating chronic and acute illnesses, health and vitality have become a refined, precious and cultivated passion.  The lifewave patches in my experience seem to have immediate profound and safe regenerative benefits, and knowing deeply how challenging illness can be, and how precious health is, I am inspired that these products may have an overwhelming positive effect on humanity.

My life’s journey through acute and chronic health challenges has been my soul’s PhD program for which I am profoundly grateful for. MCS produced deep understanding of the powerful interplay back and forth between thoughts, emotions and biochemical responses. Lyme Disease offered the PhD program in understanding the significant details of the interplay of karma, human biology and illness. Other mysterious acute and chronic conditions offered a deeper understanding of the physics of the universe and the body’s capacity to age backwards. I currently have been experiencing a level of vitality reminiscent of my early 20’s after transforming through the healing crucible of chronic and acute conditions.

Currently, in this new spiritually activated youthening trajectory, there has been a deep sensibility that an underlying vulnerability in my cells still needed to be addressed in a physical way so I have been exploring many alternative healing modalities to find the key for this deep corrective reset. Although I have not used this new lifewave system long, I am clear there is a potency here that serves humanity and addresses this deep healing reset I have been guided to.

It is my understanding that healthy people can feel significant dramatic and immediate beneficial effects which I have been present for in others. My sense for myself and others currently with deep long term health challenges is that this system is powerful and can be used in a gentle modified way to support deep regenerative and and corrective support. The lifewave system has a number of supports for stem cell recovery, sleep, detoxification and revitalization.  These products have been clinically tested are non invasive and in combination may be able to support you through your own life’s karmic Phd program, or may simply start the stem cell regeneration for optimal joyous vitality and longevity.

I have signed up with this company as a distributor and can both offer products to you at wholesale cost or sign you up as a distributor. It is a network marketing company which means we all support each other through our purchases. Any passive income that I may receive by you signing up through me, will support my book writing. Any passive income you receive supports you in your life’s journey.

Some of their generic videos are too simplified for me so I have selected a few, re-posted from above, that seemed useful, and explored their patents and research as well. Located below are two articles I found useful as well as the videos posted from the top of this page. One is a medically published clinical trial and the other is their patent application.

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Distributor ID 1014448