Nondual Explanation of Communication with Non-physical Beings

We are the living verb, the living embodiment, the divine mystery of simultaneous Absolute Nothing, Singular “I AM” and all that IS.

We are everything, and nothing, in divine play, engagement or entanglement with/as/in Self/No Self.

Multidimensional existence, expression and communication within this mystery are innate to the nature of this mystery and therefore innate to you. Multidimensional existence, expression and communication are natural functions and expressions of the awakened being. This type of communication is a reflection of a deeper capacity of the Absolute to experience itself in infinite possibility.

Once conscious awareness is free from identification with the limited lens of the physical senses, or physical perception, those ‘senses’ are discovered to be pure awareness. The senses as pure awareness are both free from human form, and free within all form itself, as divine function of Self reflection and experience through all manifestations of Self.

IMG_7115Self/No-Self manifests singularly and in multiplicity. Oneness, Nothing, Everything, and individual distinction do not negate one another, nor are they separate. This is the living mystery. Distinctions remain after self realization, even though the perspective of these distinctions continually changes through unending self realization.

Self realization reveals the nature of the inseparability of all existence and non-existence, yet this realization does not negate the distinctions between you and your neighbor and Ramana. Although you may experience the truth that you, your neighbor, and Ramana are one and Nothing simultaneously, the distinctions between all three beings remains.

It is in this distinction, where communication occurs, whether that communication is with your neighbor or other expressions of the Absolute in various realms of existence. Communicating with apparent ‘other’ distinct expressions of the Absolute, does not contradict the Absolute, but is natural, necessary and glorious divine play.

The Absolute is in infinite play, in a masquerade and awakening game. The more refined manifestations of Self/No-Self masquerading as God-Consciousness, Christ-consciousness, Buddha nature, Masters, Angels, Guides, Devas) are individuated expressions of singular Absolute Self/No Self that guide the same singular Absolute Self/No Self masquerading as evolving human being through manifestation back to infinite Absolute nature. Multidimensional communication can be a profound gift toward self realization.

Multidimensional existence, expression and communication are natural functions and expressions of the awakened being. Once conscious awareness is free of conditioned human identification, it is a natural extension for self realization to continue through the infinite Self/No Self multiple planes of existence.