Art of AlcheME Mastery Mentorship

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Begins Jan 2023 for 12 months (limited to 22 participants)
First Meeting is Saturday, January 7th. Every other meeting is on the first Friday of the month 12pm-2pm PT
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Have you participated in any level of the AlcheME Training and would like more personal feedback, individual engagement and guidance? Have you experienced AlcheME and have become aware of your budding and untapped inner mastery or want to? Have you experienced AlcheME and want to go even deeper in discovering, developing and applying your soul mastery in your life and service in the world? Do you understand that as you open and learn through the soul classroom in AlcheME that you are healing and learning to heal both yourself and the collective? Would you like to gather each month with a small dedicated group of individuals via conference call, and focus on larger scale healing as well as hone your gifts for your own personal life and/or service work?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions and you are as excited as I am for the more intimate connection, please join me and register at the top of the page.

Each call will include a powerful AlcheME transmission and healing for each individual, the group, the collective and the planet. We will discuss the workings of the soul classroom and what transpired and answer any questions you have about your experience and the process. You will learn more about the alchemy of consciousness and the activities within the soul classroom.

If you'd prefer to sign up with a payment plan, please click below to choose a 3 or 6 month payment option: https://kristinkirk.thinkific.com/courses/art-of-alcheme-mastery-mentorship