Embodying the Illuminated Self

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This powerful 3 session series begins the Illumination Transmissions ( 9 total ) to Embody your Higher Self.

This first set of 3 transmissions focuses on clearing the way for your Illuminated Self to embody your heart, mind, psyche and soul. We have forgotten our utter magnificence and brilliance and unwittingly created barriers to Self Remembrance. In other words, we can be afraid of our True Nature and unfathomable stunning brilliance and resist what we deeply desire and know deep inside to be True.

The potent information and powerful transmissions in this series:

  • Dissolve limiting subtle and subconscious conditioning related to embodying your Higher Self
  • Transform conditioning based on misperceptions about being human
  • Transform false identity linked to painful human experiences
  • Transmute conditioning that blocks fluid access to your Illuminated Self
  • Dissolve conditioning that blocks comfort with being your Illuminated Self
  • Create easier day to day access to your Higher Self
  • Facilitate greater embodiment of your Higher Self

Duration: Full year access from time of purchase

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