Illumination Video Bundle

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This extremely powerful and ground breaking light transmission series supports your awakening and transmutes your blocks and blind spots making way for your Higher Light Body to ground in your physical body.

The brilliance of this kind of healing is that the mind does not have to understand. Your soul recognizes the healing frequencies and embodiment blueprints from the Higher Self and understands how to implement them.

This video series has been so profound and impactful and is available to help quicken humanity's awakening.

Please join me in illuminating your life now.

These 9 compelling recorded transmissions and wisdom facilitate illumination, integration, embodiment and stabilization of your Higher Self Light Body in your body. We are living at an incredible time of massive evolution and this series provides a complete energetic essentials for grounding the new light frequencies into your body, consciousness and daily life.

This powerful set of transmissions and enlightening dialog transforms you through Embodying Your Illuminated Self, Upleveling your Manifestation Capacities and Stabilizing the Light of your Higher Self in your life.

This ground breaking light transmission series:

  • Quickens awakening
  • Transforms painful conditioning
  • Transmutes blocks and blind spots
  • Dissolves limited perceptions of Self
  • Releases karma, social and cultural conditioning
  • Dissolves outdated concepts about being human
  • Amplifies embodiment frequencies and blueprints from your Higher Self
  • Integrates your Light Body in through your heart, mind, soul and physical form
  • Deepens access to, expression of and embodiment of your luminous Higher Self
  • Stabilizes your Light Body in through deep energetic structural and subtle foundations of consciousness.

Total Length: 25 hrs
Access Duration:
6 months

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