Light Infusion Meditation

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Please join me for this FREE Light Infusion Meditation. With your registration you will automatically receive 50% off the next Monthly Live Stream Healing for first-time participation.

"The Light I felt pouring in was exquisite and more powerful than anything I have experienced before. Thank You!"  ~ M.B.

In this FREE Light Infusion Meditation you will experience an opening dialog followed by a powerful healing light transmission. Rest and bask in the powerful and transformative illumination, purity and healing light of your Enlightened Self and the gentle yet potent transmission.

  • Bask in the healing frequencies.
  • Rest in clarity and Illumination.
  • Let the mind relax and receive.
  • Revitalize and rejuvenate.
  • Transform in the light of your Enlightened Self and True Nature.

"That was beyond wonderful!! So much light!" ~ M.D.

Enjoy this Light Infusion Guided Meditation.
Recorded live October 25th, 2020