Science and Nonduality 2019

The Science and Nonduality conference will be held in San Jose, CA in October 2019.

Kristin’s Schedule at SAND

Playing the Awakening Game
Oct 25, 2019, Morgan Hill Room
11:50am – 12:30pm

“Falling asleep” and awakening are both divine gifts we give ourselves as this paradoxical individuated seamless Oneness that we are. We will explore the divinity, purpose and function of identity, and its key role in “sleeping” and “waking”, disillusionment through cessation/nothingness, and maturation to enlightenment. We will experientially explore through dialog and transmission how to surrender fluidly through the layered identities of Self and to rest at the arising point of Self-realization.

Panel – Dynamics of Attraction: Divine Masculine and Feminine in Awakening
Oct 25, 2019, Monterey Room
4:35pm – 5:30pm

One consciousness plays itself as two, in this divine dance of apparent separation and union. We will explore the divine masculine and feminine within and the inner union that flourishes in embodied awakening. We will explore what this looks like on the outside and inside both personally and in relationships. We will also explore the perfection of and resolution of longing for the other in the awakening process both in and out of intimate relationships.

Panel – The Reality of Self Love
Oct 27, 2019, Monterey Room
4:35pm – 5:30pm

The lived reality of self-love is essential to the embodiment of nondual awareness. When we look beyond the idea that self-love is just about reinforcing a limited ego identification, we begin to see it as a multi-faceted, radiant gem of infinite worth. This gem, as a whole, is the very basis of the movement toward Truth, while its facets offer vital medicines that heal, awaken, and transform the mind, heart, and body. What are the facets of self-love? What role does self-love play in the field of nondual awakening and embodiment? How and when might an orientation toward self-love be a distraction from real clarity? Our panel will share their unique perspectives on the forms and functions of true self-love, how it shows up in our lived human experience, and how it is and becomes an endless embrace of One. Lovers of Truth and humanity, please join us for this beautiful, rich, and meaningful exploration.