Shasta California

Shasta 9/2011

The Shasta trip  was filled great and glorious expanse and integration, but there was also a dark side of suffering calling to be integrated. In all my experience so far, when expansion is occurring and greater light is being assimilated, the equal and opposite dark also needs to be integrated. This was the first time that shadow was such a major theme. It took me a few weeks upon returning home to fully integrate the experiences, but the wisdom and integration was profoundly healing.

I offered healing from Pluto’s Cave, Castle Lake,  Heart Lake, The Headwaters, Panther Meadows, a magical dry bed of Mt Shasta Serpentine at Stewart Springs, Stewart Mineral Springs. Sand Flats, Glass Mountain and Ascension Rock.

Not all of these experiences will come out in writing but I will share two, one from each polarity when the time comes.