"Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.."

— Rick Archer - host of"Buddha at the Gas Pump"

"I spent many years in India, and sat with a number of Indian saints. People gather around these beings because of the energetic field that surrounds them. Kristin has the same ability, to generate a powerful field of energy that can transform those around her."

— D.U. ~ Lifelong Practitioner

"What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is
she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo."

— A.M. ~ Healer & Acupuncturist

"I feel you are spearheading a new direction in our human evolution."

— B.R.

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AlcheME training series

“I feel you are spearheading a new direction in our human evolution.”
— B.R.

“AlcheMe literally gives oneself keys to the universe.”
— J.B.

“Your classes have changed my life!”
— M.M.

“Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally! My mind (along with its self-judgment of “not good enough”, self-criticism and “pressure to get it right”) has stepped aside and become a tool again, instead of Being the Boss. This is a direct result of who Kristin is and how she works.”
— Nancy

“What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo.”
— Andrew

“This work is freaking powerful! You are an amazing woman and energetic force.”
— K.V.T. - Transformation Coach and Artist

“AlcheME is a master class for opening to one’s depth. Immersing oneself in AlcheMe literally gives oneself keys to the universe. Kristin’s powerful presence and beautiful, articulate, attuned guidance is invaluable support for learning how to unlock the inner realms”
— Jeff

“My life experiences deepened considerably and intensified my love for my plants and my zest for life. You get a much more relaxed relationship with problems. You find your childhood “joy for no reason” again.”
— Gerdi

“The profundity of how working with Kristin has over time altered me providing new levels of confidence, calm and groundedness, as well higher attuning abilities is such a gift. Kristin has a level of PRESENCE that few embody and it’s an honor to be in her energies each week and with the recordings. The true sense of the title of this class “AlcheME” is taking place for me.”
— Mary

“AlcheME is training me to hold awareness at different octaves simultaneously. It’s one thing to be hanging out in the heavens all the time but to bring heaven to earth so to speak and to hold all those views simultaneously is… well, that’s the good stuff right there !”
— A.M

“The AlcheME class has been a great joy to participate in. Its definitely seemed to contribute to a deepening of the experience of Awakening and Embodiment, as well as helped to deepen some of the work I do as a healer. I definitely got my moneys worth. Highly recommended!”
— Andrew

“AlcheME Is priceless and amazing, I feel the transmission and get new insights every time I listen.”
— K.M.

“Wow! The first class of AlcheME Basics catalyzed an expansion in my field of awareness as well as a clarity and silence that was still palpable when I woke up the next morning. Thank you so much!”
— Samantha

“I can’t stop re-listening to class. The inner quiet is so DELICIOUS and expansive, yet grounded and present in my human self, and also the illuminated selves.”
— Shelly

“I learned so much in a very short amount of time and gained so much clarity.”
— Joseph

“Receiving transmissions from Kristin, while being immersed in the AlcheME class group energy, has lead to potent spiritual experiences. It has been a blessing!”
— Molly

“AlcheME Multidimensional Embodiment Training challenged me to accept my own unique brilliance and gave me a potent logically structured pathway to deepen my inner experience, step by step.The course released my resistance. I now experience Unity where before it was a concept. And with that comes joy, serenity and compassion.Every time I listen to the recording, I get more, and I feel the transmission every time. I get new insights every time I listen to it. So I can’t say too much good about it.”
— Kathleen

“The enormity of Kristin’s devotion and her multi-dimensional living, both encourage me to deepen my own practice and remind me to be gentle on myself. I look forward to all further AlcheME offerings.”
— David

Monthly live Stream Healiing

“Living in San Antonio Texas doesn’t offer many opportunities to immerse myself in satsang energies. Kristin’s online classes & group healings have come to my rescue. Words cannot explain the deep shifts I’ve experienced.”
— Linda M.

“Thank you for the profound healing and knowledge.”
— Patrick

“Thank you very much. It was a powerful healing on many levels.”
— Kim

“Thank you so much for last night. Sitting in your presence was exquisite and lightfilled !!!”
— Jette

“I just want to thank you for last night…It has been such a joy to be in your Presence. Lot’s of LOVE and GRATITUDE.”
— Monica A.

“Yesterday healing session was very powerful. I woke up feeling very centered and with a lot of energy. Thank you for your loving presence.”
— Damian

“I have had such delight in listening to you – your words have held out a hand of trust and so brought down another crust of fear that actually there are no true teachers no ‘elders’ that I am able to hear. Your words have already helped me greatly. Thank you.”
— Alain

Group Healing Sessions

“I have worked with Kristin for many years in one-on-one sessions, and I have found the group sessions to be just as profound. Kristin gives every participant the time and attention they need, but you also have the feeling of community and support from the others involved in the session. It’s a powerful dynamic: not only do you have Kristin working on you, but you also have the healing energy that three other souls bring to the session. I highly recommend her mini-group sessions.”
— Tim Reilly, Attorney, Life and Business Coach

“My experiences these last few months have been life changing! Thank you. I would LOVE to continue.”
— Linda M.

“The mini group sessions have been tremendously helpful and supportive. There is a strong energy that gets created between Kristin and the group, and I have experienced very positive changes on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels as a result of these sessions. I highly recommend them!”
— Matt

“Kristin is unafraid to be the voice and space of clarity this world needs. She is unhurried in how she creates sacred space and it makes for lasting transformation. I so appreciate how Kristin takes the care needed to share the most abstract and almost ‘indescribable’ experiences, putting them into relatable language and palpable transmission.”
— Shatay

“I have enjoyed our mini group immensely and actually recommend it over individual sessions. Every time someone in the group describes a situation or asks a question, I find that it is also, in a way, my question. It offers a kind of Johari window effect – the aspect of awakening that I didn’t know I didn’t know shows up; the responsibility isn’t all on my limited small self understanding to know what I need. Also the group field seems very powerful. I have had several shifts in just four weeks. I will definitely be signing up for the next group session. Thanks so much for your kind, attentive, healing, and mind blowing sessions.”
— Lynn

“It’s been a phenomenal experience. The light and love created in the group is incredibly supportive. Thank you so much!”
— M.M.

“The sessions have been so powerful! And… things are continue to shift which I’m very grateful for…”
— Sheila S.

“I could really feel the synergy of the group. There is no doubt about the powerful depth of our meditation together I can feel it.”
— Tony S.

“I have had the good fortune to be a part of these group healings and will do them again. Each time I have dropped into a deep sense of quiet and Kristin’s teachings are very helpful in letting go of what doesn’t serve.”
— Jenna W.

“Really benefited from the first session. Much healing in just a very short amount of time. Beautiful. And precious.”
— S. T.

Class Series

“I have experienced many ‘awakening’ webinars and this was, by far, the most accessible, impactful and sustaining.”
— David Still, Investment Banker

“I’m just wanting to acknowledge the profound feelings of contented peaceful receptivity and goodness I am experiencing since the third of 3 session healing series.”
— Trish Salazar, LMT

“This class was AMAZING !”
— Alex Stenson, Teenager

“Your words were immaculate and where there was darkness or confusion, there is more light and awareness! So much pragmatic advice tonight that reached me on many dimensions as I FEEL it. All your sessions are amazing but this one hit it out of the “cosmic park”! I will be reviewing this FOR SURE soon!”
— B.F.

“I just finished watching the live stream video from Tuesday Feb. 6th and it was awesome!!! You really hit that one out of the park! So clear! So impactful! So many of your teachings so authentically and directly communicated! You brought through so many profound messages in the simplest most direct way! It filled me with so much energy and gratitude that I literally got out of my chair about 3 times to bounce around before I could continue listening to the video. Loved it and thank you !So thanks….”
— M.A.

“Thank-you for helping me to remember the dimensions, the realities,and all that is always within me- what is always available – what is. You speak a language that calls me home.”
— J.M. entrepreneur

“That was a seriously fabulously rich class!! I had to tell you how much I appreciated it! It will be one that will be watched and re-watched!!! Thank you so much!!!”
— Bonnie F.

“Kristin’s words and ability to express her awakening has helped me to see my journey in a new way. I was not connecting with my multi dimensional nature. I am beyond grateful for this awareness, which has instantly changed my perspective of everything! In many ways, my life feel so much easier! Kristin’s communication feels gentle and peaceful. Her words are easy to connect with and they are expanded even further as I feel her love, absolute joy and gratitude for life. This has touched me deeply!! How I interact with my life has changed since meeting Kristin.”
— Helen

“Participation in the spring 2016 satsang series was a very rich experience. As usual, your presence permeates each of the live stream sessions, but what is really remarkable is how strong the sense of your presence is in the recordings – and each time I listened to the recording, it seemed to change – it was never the same recording – quite remarkable!! So thanks….”
— R.C.

“Coming to class is exquisite. I remember who I am. It feels like coming home.”
— Monica M. social worker

“Kristin has an exquisite talent to awaken your spirit and soul. Her ability to cultivate that awareness in a class is the most honest invitation for self-navigation. The self transformation that I have experienced and witnessed in others during the last 2 years I have taken Kristin’s classes is amazing.”
— Niaomi

“I entered the class as a beginner and I am amazed at how much I have learned. The awareness and skills I have acquired have had a tremendous impact on my daily meditation.”
— N.M.

“I just want to express my profound gratitude for this series. Tonight’s expressions of the realizations your beautiful radiant heart touched me so deeply. When you spoke of Nothing as an orientation to deep freedom ….underlying creation then arising without grasping…I felt a deep settling into something so beautifully peaceful and eternal and all encompassing. It was quite visceral. Just wanting to express so much gratitude for the beauty of this course and this evening.”
— Felix L.

“Thanks Kristin for your message, your sincerity always comes true Crystal clear.”
— Jamie

“Kristin’s summer healing series, was very beautiful and inspiring. Many gems offered that truly touched my heart for where I am, washing away some stuck confusions. Thank you! :)”
— Jacob M.

“Kristin brings an extraordinary level of compassion, acceptance, wisdom, curiosity, and delight to her work, as well as an important, deep understanding that we as humans are all ‘gloriously messy.”
— Sherry C.

“Kristin’s classes have opened up access to worlds I only dreamed of. The skills I have acquired have given me the ability to pursue my path as a medical intuitive.”
— R.B., intuitive healer

“First of all, I wanted to share with you some very exciting news related to the karmic resolution class. After a lifetime of severe asthma and allergies triggered by contact with animals, I’ve now pet cats and dogs and even ridden a horse with no need to use my inhaler! When a friend muscle-tested me about the origin of this potential healing, we got that it was a result of the energetic shifts facilitated by your class. I don’t want to jinx it by getting overly excited, but I am profoundly surprised and grateful for this shift. Thank you!”
— L.A. (From Karmic Resolution Class Series)

“Finished watching the winter awakening class from last week (in 2 separate days) this morning. The class answered so many questions I have had, that no one else could! Thank you for sharing your world with us!”
— Stephanie (From Winter Awakening Series)


“I’m speechless. I do not even have words. I experience a depth in myself that would not have happened had I not come. Thank you.”
— M.M.

“Everything has been so spectacular and amazing. This has been so life changing for me.” W!O!W!!! Major shift. I am speechless.“
— B.B.

“I don’t have a lot of words yet. I know that I can say, “This retreat with Kristin was the most transformative week of my life.”
— S.C.

“I spent many years in India, and sat with a number of Indian saints. People gather around these beings because of the energetic field that surrounds them. Kristin has the same ability, to generate a powerful field of energy that can transform those around her.”
— Daniel

“We all fell in love with Kristin, our teacher, and by the end of the week we were falling in love with every thing and every one and with the GOD in whom we live and breathe and have our Being…..”
— P. M.

“I still don’t have a lot of words to describe my retreat experience. I am so much freer in how I express myself and in how much I just AM. I am happy, happy, happy. I am blessed, blessed, blessed.”
— Sherry

“I have tasted the delights of a variety of Kristin’s gifts, including private sessions, group healings, mini-group healings, online classes, etc., and each has its own unique flavor. All have helped me shift. But, diving into the container, which we created together in Kauai, has proven to be my most powerful experience so far. Thank you Krisitn! I’m still exploding, shifting, and integrating. What fun!
Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…”
— Linda

“My words will in no way be able to express my gratitude to you for the retreat, It has been very transformational for me in so many ways and on so many levels.”
— S. J.

“Who knew that a few retreats in Kauai and Sedona and all these group healings would have me arrive at this glorious feeling of self love, hope for present and humanity and the earth, and a rare feeling of accepting what is. I have felt so supported by you; so seen; so educated and aligned by your kind, impeccable way. I weep tears of utter gratitude for YOU/The GIFT of YOU in the world & in my life.”
— Trish

“I am having the best trip of my life! And I have a great life.”
— T. S.

Private sessions

“Receiving energy work from Kristin has been a life-transforming experience. Through a gentle, healing partnership with her, I am now pain-free, anxiety-free, and have a deeper understanding of myself than I have ever had. Kristin’s work is powerful and profound.”
— K.M.

“Each of the sessions I’ve had with her – all long-distance – have been an adventure in learning more about my own energies, letting go of old patterns, and experiencing new emotional possibilities.”
— S.C., librarian

“Kristin’s healing and spiritual integration work gently explores and draws forth hidden nuances or Being, getting my body to sing with subtle yet powerful energies. After she works at clearing out old blocks, I feel access to new realms of possibility in my life.”
— Chris P.

“Kristin’s work has given me a new experience of insight. Her insight expands in dimensions reaching from the care of being to steps through evolution. With her caring touch, trustworthy understanding and unique vision, she has opened my spirits past my bodies present into my future.”
— Candice

“It’s the closest thing to real magic in western Mass.”
— C.H. security

“Your gifts are profoundly beautiful and awesome to behold. Thank-you for unlocking a lifetime’s worth of holding patterns I have struggled with.”
— Meredith M., healer

“Powerful and transformative…..essential nourishment for my soul.”
— Michael B., healer

“Kristin’s crystal clear intuitive insights and deeply meditative style made a profound shift helping me connect the dots to my next spirit steps.”
— John Dumas, sound artist/healer/performer

“Kristin creates such a safe and deeply peaceful environment for healing to take place on a personal empowerment level.”
— Preeta, singer/songwriter

“Kristin’s healing gifts, authenticity and understanding never cease to amaze me.”
— K.R., yoga instructor

“Working with Kristin has been life changing for me.”
— K.M., fundraiser

“Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the influence you have had on my life.”
— Chris P., photographer

“I have been working with Kristin on a weekly basis for several months now. In this time she has helped me endure through my biggest challenges. Her sessions are the most inspiring and profound healings I have ever experienced. I continue to notice significant changes in my emotional and energetic well being. She has helped me release many old patterns and feelings of unworthiness. Kristin provides a safe, nurturing environment to explore the deepest parts of yourself, while helping provide the wisdom and courage to see the opportunity each moment affords.”
— Michelle R.

“It’s like you found the volume control on my anxiety valve and turned it way down.”
— R.S., nurse R.N.


“The beauty of Kristin’s spirit, the powerful gentleness of her touch combine with her skill and training to make her an extraordinary practitioner.”
— K.H.

“Kristin’s shiatsu work is nothing less than extraordinary – I always learn something about myself and walk out feeling much better physically. Kristin is also a wonderful teacher who is able to teach very subtle meditation techniques with humor, articulateness, and just the right amount of personal attention.”
— W.F., lawyer

“I never knew shiatsu could activate such physical and spiritual release and shifting. What amazes me is the lasting power!”
— T.G., marketing

“I don’t know what the @*#? you did, but I feel !@#!!/% Amazing! Thank-you!”
— P.M., nurse

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