Tuscon, Arizona

Tuscon 4/2011

My other travels at this point had been high vibrational places of consciousness. This was the first time I went to be with consciousness that was not a location on earth. When I travel, the consciousness of the land and I integrate into one another as Oneness. I am of service to her and she to me. We heal each together and heal others together. On this trip it was different.

I was drawn to the major Tuscon gem show in… As I walked down the isles the gems from round the world integrated into me. It was like walking though  a super store of magic with healing wisdom pouring through me and filling my data banks. I was drunk and saturated with crystal rock gem wisdom and creativity beyond anything imagined by me. What was most amazing at the time was that the consciousness had no mind. I had been used to working with devas and guides,  which in my experience have an element of mind consciousness. These gems did not present themselves to me that way. And so, my communications were of no mind. This was blissful and new, to have so much dialog and exchange, yet without the organization of the mental body. Utter stillness of mind in the midst of the communion with consciousness that had no mental body, yet was brilliantly wise and generous and profoundly healing. It ‘rocked’ my world.  This stillness and magic healling of so many gems was available to all who came with me on this journey.

I ended my travels with a spontaneous visit to Eden Springs where the gentle healing waters reached out in delicateness and care and soothed all who had joined me in this healing adventure.