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Accelerate Your Awakening!

AlcheME Essentials ~ Keys to Awakening

Learn Kristin’s timeless unique tools to both initiate and deepen awakening. AlcheME Essentials teaches you Kristin's specific foundational step by step awakening practices from 20 yrs of direct experience and expertise. Learn the specific focus and surrender tools needed to elicit and deepen your awakening. You will streamline your capacity to penetrate through the veils of consciousness to access your Higher Self and navigate your life with ease and grace. Through AlcheME Essentials your focus and meditation will deepen and you will learn identification surrender skills to transform your life and prepare for AlcheME Initiation.

7 Potent 2+ hrs recorded live sessions


AlcheME Initiation~ Accelerating Evolution

AlcheME Initiation gives you the inner energetic foundation and soul architecture to rapidly accelerate your awakening and multidimensional embodiment. Dive into the powerful transformational field of the soul classroom and your enlightened consciousness to exponentially accelerate your soul's growth, awakened embodiment and multidimensional consciousness. AlcheME Initiation prepares you for Advanced and Mastery level AlcheME and Mastery Memberships (TBA).

   ∙Prerequisite to Advanced and Mastery AlcheME Trainings
  ∙ 12 Extremely Powerful recorded live sessions + 2 bonus sessions

14 Potent 2.5 hrs recorded live sessions


AlcheME Essentials and Initiation are a prerequisite to
Dive deeper with Advanced and Mastery AlcheME

Coming 2024: Mastery Memberships (TBA)
Access to Advanced & Mastery AlcheME Trainings

Advanced AlcheME I : Manifesting Evolution

Discover the power and inseparability of Being and manifesting. Embody your higher manifestation capacities, embody your God/dess consciousness and transform your inner and outer reality. Catalyze your next uplevelling of embodiment, awakening and conscious co-creation of your life. Continue to streamline and accelerate your divine self realization and increase the bliss in your life.

Advanced AlcheME II: Harmonizing Multidimensional Embodiment ~ Being a Living Harmonic

This exquisite series focuses on harmonizing and synthesizing your dimensional light bodies and higher consciousness with your physical and soul body into daily life. Higher octaves of consciousness have come into human accessibility and are now part of the Soul Classroom. This offers even greater growth and healing opportunity than in previous courses.

We are frequency light beings. We are the living harmonies of love, light, wisdom and infinite grace. We are the resonating love light frequency threads that weave our bodies and existence into being. In Advanced AlcheME II you will resonate, harmonize and synthesise at your highest possible frequency, and receive the guidance and support to open and integrate beyond your wildest dreams.

Advanced AlcheME III ~ Radiant Diamond Self

Mastery AlcheME I : Love Eternal

Mastery AlcheME II: Love Embodied

Mastery AlcheME III: Singing Chalice

Complete AlcheME Essentials and AlcheME Initiation to progress through to Advanced and Mastery level AlcheME.


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