Embodying the Illuminated Self


Embody Your Light Body.

You will receive:

~ 3 compelling recorded transmissions and wisdom that facilitates embodiment of your Highest Self (2-2.5 hours each)

~ 1 bonus 30 min recording outlining the powerful times we are in and why this embodiment is essential now

Your highest frequencies of unconditional love, light and sound harmonize to bring your Higher Self into form. This series integrates and grounds the frequencies of your Higher Self into your physical body. Healing occurs on all levels through this process.

This video series has been so profound and impactful for so many people. It is now available at a reduced rate ($29.99 with coupon code) and through The Illumination Series Bundle to help quicken humanity’s awakening in 2020.

Please join me and illuminating your life now.

More details

“I have experienced many ‘awakening’ webinars and this was, by far, the most accessible, impactful and sustaining.” ~ D.S. ~ Investment Banker

Total Length: 9 hours
Access Duration:
6 months from time of purchase

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