Embodying The Mystery – Everyday Enlightenment ~ September 2019 (8 hours)

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This special series spans over three September 2019 weekends in order to fully transmit and stabilize the new level of clarity of fundamental transformation that is now accessible.

This 3 session transmission will explore the interface between high frequencies and the details of one’s life in the mundane and minutia. We will delve into the deepening of embodiment through our daily lives, with incremental healing transmissions to support transcendence integrating through our humanness and living the love, light and purity that we are.

The sessions include QnA with participants and healing transmissions.


Total time: 7 hours 30 minutes

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Our conditioning is similar to matter in that it can be broken down into particles that are unconditioned.

This series focuses on dissolving conditioning in microscopic quantum detail to stabilize new frequencies of light in the body. In my own experience, it is like dismantling a finely woven intricate tapestry of life’s story down to the threads, to the molecules of the threads, to the molecules of the colors saturating the threads, to the atoms and electrons and protons and beyond, to a level completely free from story allowing us to rest as total pure beingness, absolutely free from conditioning.

We will support this level of transformation stabilizing through to the microscopic details of your subtle energetic bodies and physical body.

Please join me this September as we will meet the substance of our conditioning through our hearts, souls, minds and bodies with such refined transformative detail that three sessions are required to create the container that will support the sustaining of these changes throughout the physical body and other aspects of consciousness.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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