Extraordinary Living Class ~ February 2018 (7 hours)

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As you shift your resting place on the inside, then  you don't need any techniques, because you are resting in the depth of that truth already, and you automatically respond from a place of love, truth, and alignment

- Kristin

Awakening, enlightenment and multidimensional consciousness are intrinsic to human nature.

This video library includes 3 live stream sessions from February 2018. These series is aimed at increasing your access to your awake and multidimensional nature. We will deepen the exploration of your innate capacity and how to cultivate awake and multidimensional function in daily life.

Length: 6 hours 40 minutes

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Video excerpts & Testimonials

Video Excerpts:

Here is what some of the class participants shared:

I just finished watching the live stream from Tuesday Feb. 6th and it was awesome!!!  You really hit that one out of the park! So clear! So impactful! So many of your teachings so authentically and directly communicated! You brought through so many profound messages in the simplest most direct way!   It filled me with so much energy and gratitude that I literally got out of my chair about 3 times to bounce around before I could continue listening to  the video.  It had the quality of a gold infusion.  Loved it and thank you !

- M.A.

Your words during Feb 13th live stream were immaculate and where there was darkness or confusion, there is more light and awareness! So much pragmatic advice tonight that reached me on many dimensions. All your sessions are amazing but this one hit it out of the "cosmic park"! I will be rewatching this FOR SURE soon!

- B.F.

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