Bridging Nonduality and Guide Communication Training Series ~ Summer 2017 (18 hours!)

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Multidimensional communication can be a profound gift towards Self-realization. We are living in radical times, but enlightened help is immediately and abundantly available 24/7.

In this transformative intensive training series, Kristin details the congruent nature of nonduality and multidimensional communication, and offers step by step guidance for developing clear and trustworthy communication with Guides and Masters to support self realization. She also offers exercises to specifically aid your awakening with their support.

The Absolute is in infinite play, in a masquerade and awakening game. The more refined manifestations of Self/No-Self that masquerade as God-Consciousness, Christ-consciousness, Buddha nature, Masters, Angels, Guides, and Devas are individuated expressions of, and guide the same, singular, Absolute, Self/No Self that is masquerading as an evolving human being, through manifestation and back to infinite Absolute nature.

Length: 18 hours

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Video excerpt and more details

Video Excerpt:

We will address the following aspects with the sole purpose of supporting awakening, self realization and embodied integration.

  • freeing personal sensory perception as pure awareness
  • discovering the fluid lenses of I AM as multidimensional awareness
  • recognizing boundaries within seamless Oneness
  • tending to the paradoxical relative needs of safety/protection and simultaneously being impenetrable truth
  • fine tuning awareness of simultaneous nonexistence, singular I AM and the multiplicity in which I AM manifests, expresses and experiences itself
  • developing communication and relationships with Guides & Enlightened Beings ~to support awakening, self realization and daily life integration
  • developing communication and relationships with Devas ~to support deepened embodiment and surrendered divine co-creative engagement

Here is a link to a more detailed explanation about nonduality and communication with nonphysical beings.

I am excited to share in the mystery with you, to support multidimensional exploration and self realization, and to offer tools for your inner journey home.

- Kristin

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