Kauai Retreat ~ April 2018 (18 hours!)

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Please join Kristin in this intimate, life changing retreat, as she supports your dive into the Mysterious Truth of Being. Be enlivened by the pristine glory of Kauai's magical presence, as well as Kristin’s depth of loving, compassionate wisdom. Together, they create a potent transformational container for awakening and self realization.

Throughout the retreat, Kristin joyously guides and supports your inspiration for the discovery of your infinite, multidimensional Self in dialogues, healing transmissions, and meditations, inviting access to higher frequency energies, which are then grounded in the miraculous multiverse of your infinite body.

These recordings support the awakening process awakening, the deepening of self realization, and multidimensional perception/experience.

Length: 18 hours

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Video excerpt

Video Excerpts:

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