Awakening the Multidimensional Mind ~ May 2018 (9 hours)

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This 4-part class is the first in the “Consciousness Tools for Multidimensional Awakening” series.
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The multidimensional function of the mind unfolds as the dreaming/storytelling of the universe. Opening through the multidimensional mind means opening to the larger totality of yourself and surrendering through any identity that you thought you were.

During this class, Kristin guides and supports awakening by pointing to the crystal clarity and stillness of mind and its multidimensional functioning with healing transmissions, meditations, and practices. Cessation, or the seeming ending of self is just a game in the universe of infinite play. This series opens you to being everything and nothing, and the gorgeous detail of simultaneously being a divine expression, and a precious human, unfolding in the truth of being.

Length: 9 hours

You will have access to this video library for 1 year

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