Multidimensional Awakening ~ Integrating the Multidimensional Mind, Heart and Body ~ Spring-Summer 2018 Package (25 hours!)

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Your Heart, Mind, and Body have their own nature, yet in unison they are the One familiar vehicle that we all call "ME." Surrendering through the identity of “ME” is key in the transformational healing and awakening path of enlightenment. This series is designed to support the surrender into unity through each aspect of the heart, mind, and body.

In this detailed class series, Kristin explores the similarities and differences of surrendering through each of these aspects of Being, and offers tools to aid in your multidimensional awakening. Energetic and healing transmissions are embedded throughout each live stream to support the exploration, transformation, and integration of your multidimensional mind, heart, and body into daily life.

This package consists of all three Multidimensional Awakening courses totaling 12 sessions and 25 hrs:

Awakening the Multidimensional Mind (4 sessions, May 2018)

This class explores and supports awakening, stillness of mind, and the multidimensional functioning of the transcendent infinite mind.

Awakening the Multidimensional Heart (4 sessions, July 2018)

This class provides powerful tools and healing transmissions to bring forth your innately ecstatic and awakened heart and integrate it into daily life.

Awakening the Multidimensional Body ( 4 sessions, Aug 2018)

Using a potent combination of healing practices and transmissions, this class supports the integration of awakeness through the physical body and high frequency light bodies, as well as supporting the transformation of the root of acute and chronic health issues.

You can also purchase each part of the class separately here

Length: 25 hours!

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Video excerpt: