Light Manifestation Intensive

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This transformational upleveling video series is the second set of transmission in the Illumination Series and offers detailed steps and powerful transmissions to speed your self actualization capacity and manifestation abilities.

Many of us have been manifesting our lives with disharmonious frequency patterns. This series focuses on updating our energies and patterns that influence our manifestation capacity on all dimensions to our highest frequency.

2020 is different. We now have greater access to our True Self and when we deeply align we can activate and engage our light manifestation capacity and impact our life and our precious world in wonderful and profound  ways.

We are Light manifesting Light.

The transmissions in this series:

  • Increase the amount of Source Light you can access and take in
  • Dissolve outdated painful patterns
  • Illuminate your Being with the Light of your True Nature
  • Increase your resonance with Source desire
  • Align with your Soul's highest purpose
  • Uplevel your Soul capacity to manifest your highest goals and desires
  • Support your awakening and embodiment of your True Nature
  • Reawaken the living the truth and capacity of yourself as Light manifesting Light
  • Rediscover the integral relationship between radiating Light and manifesting the details your life
  • Deepen Self discovery of your Source Self radiating

This series builds upon "Embodying the Illuminated Self". If you have not yet experienced it, it is available in the library to prepare for this Light Manifestation Transmission Series.

Total Length: 7 hours 30 minutes
Access Duration: 6 months from time of purchase

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