Satsang & Healing Class Series ~ November 2017 (8 hours)

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With awareness of our boundless potential and capacity for change, this class focuses on supporting each individual stepping into the brilliance of their being.

The self is not separate from the All, but is a unique focus that exists non-hierarchically and simultaneously within it. Knowing this allows us to accept all "personal" arisings as manifestations of the One without judging or rejecting, and offers a different energetic relationship to the experience of the self, supporting us to live a more joyful, embodied life.

In this class, Kristin explains that when we can trust the infinite process of surrendering back through our identity to a place that we cannot see, the opportunities for transformation keep expanding exponentially. This series culminates in an incredibly potent healing transmission.

Length: 8 hours

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Video excerpt

Video excerpt:

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