Mystery of Being ~ Sedona 6-day Retreat ~ October 2017 (21 hours!)

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This highly unusual retreat focused on the development, completion and integration of the crystalline structures of our higher light bodies that we are evolving into as a human race.

This retreat is available as a video library because it was so unusual and so specific. We spent three of the five days in guided exercises, transmissions and healing sessions to complete the process. This is not a typical retreat, but offers potent energetic transmissions and meditative exercises that will support the integration of this aspect of your consciousness.

The Absolute Mystery reveals itself through the miraculous manifestation of being. The same phenomena of manifestation can be perceived as light, energy, consciousness, frequency, sound, movement, geometry, math and the list goes on....  This Mystery also manifest in octaves, or layers, or dimensions of itself. This retreat series amplifies the octave of awakened embodied consciousness in such a way as to elicit integration on a cellular level and transform the DNA memory of suffering.

Length: 21 hours!

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Video excerpt

Video Excerpt:

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