Awakening the Multidimensional Body ~ August 2018 (8 hours)

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This 4-part class is the third in the “Consciousness Tools for Multidimensional Awakening” livestream series.
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In this class, Kristin details how a vibrant, divine, light-filled body is accessible right now. She provides tools and guidance to integrate awakeness through the physical body and high frequency light bodies, as well as supporting the transformation of the root of acute and chronic health issues. As we integrate the multiple dimensions of our physicality, it shifts how we experience our body, our capacity to ground the truth and amplify love, and our experience of creating our life.

The last session culminates with a special healing which includes the physical body, and the microcosmic and macrocosmic layers that support health, vitality, and awakened embodiment.

Length: 8 hours

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Testimonials from class participants:

Spectacular Kristin ! Thank you. So useful. Clear ❤️

- Nancy

Your ecstatic sharing is infectious! I could feel the transmissions detonating on so many levels. Thank you for such an awesome class , and for the clarity and enthusiasm of your sharing.

- Meg

That was very profound! Thank you!

- Ryan

Thanks! Tonight was great. I'm excited to go live my life!

Thank you thank you.

- Alex

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