Book Fundraising / Special Private Sessions

Life continues to offer surprises. To my amazement I am here asking for your support for my book writing with wondrous gifts to offer back to you, for your support. Having stopped offering private healing sessions in the last few years, they are reappearing along with the new amazing “The Eden Elixir”, powerful cutting edge business/corporate/organization transformation packages, family sessions, personalized group sessions, raffles and video access in creative bundles.

Your support will give me time and energy to focus on writing the four books that have been calling. Two are being written and two are being transcribed. Your donation gifts will pay for transcribers, editors, food, rent and eventually publishing and outreach.

Below are three tiers of support with detailed explanations:

Tier 1

Eden Elixir Donation Level (Detailed Description)

$250 Donation receives Eden Elixir (1/2 oz brandy tincture) Plus 1 monthly live stream healing session Plus Raffle entry for a year of monthly healing video library access

$500 Donation receives Eden Elixir (1/2 oz organic vodka tincture ) Plus 1 year access to monthly healing video library Plus Raffle entry for 1 year of monthly healing live stream participation.

$1,000 Donation receives Eden Elixir (1/2 oz organic cognac tincture ) Plus May 2019 retreat video library Plus Raffle entry for one 75 min private session.

*Raffle drawings every 3 entries per level.*

4% of your Eden Elixir Level Book Writing Gift Donations go to clean water restoration projects per request of the Ulu tree .


Tier 2

Private Session Level Support (Limited)

$1,500 Donation receives One 90min healing session ( individual session) Plus monthly healing video library access for 1 yr( value $99) Plus 1 additional video library access of your choice for 1 yr( value up to $365 )

$5,000 Donation receives Three 2hr healing sessions ( up to 4 in a session /family or private group session ) Plus monthly healing video library access for 1 year ( value $99) Plus 3 additional video libraries access of your choice for 1 year ( value up to 1,000) Plus 2 months live stream participation for all participants (up to 4 or 5). (value $350)

$10,000 Donation receives Five 135min healing sessions ( up to 5 in a session/family or private group session) Plus one year of live stream participation (or remote) for all individuals and pets. ( value $2100) Plus 4 video libraries access of your choice for one year. ( value up to $1,200 )

* Note: Pets can take the place of an individual. * Note: Family Healing Sessions address the complexity of each family member and intricate family dynamics ( details in the link ). Family sessions can include up to five individuals unless your nuclear family exceeds five. Groups of friends of up to four individuals or individuals with pets may also participate at this donation level.


More Info about Individual Healing Sessions

More Info about Family Healing Sessions

More Info about Groups of Friends or Individuals with Pets

Tier 3

Business, Corporation, Organization, Family/Individual Intensive Level Support ( Limited )

$35,000 1 week onsite consulting and healing sessions. ( 30 hrs onsite or Zoom)

$50,000 6 month package: 1 week onsite consulting/healing (30hrs onsite or Zoom ) plus six 90 min phone calls 1x/month for 6 months

$100,000 12 month package: Two -1 week onsite consulting/healing (30hrs on site/ Zoom x 2 ~ 60hrs total) plus twelve 2 hr phone session ( 1x/month for one year ~ 24 hrs total)

Healing Sessions for Businesses, Corporations and Organizations offer an innovative powerful cutting edge advantage to transform your B/C/O and set your business apart from the rest. Most B/C/O’s tend to the details one can typically see. B/C/O healing sessions address and transform the inside forces of nature and consciousness that powerfully shape your B/C/O’s performance, productivity and personal satisfaction in ways one cannot readily see.

When a B/C/O is aligned in it’s highest possibility, the larger unseen forces of nature at play are free to flow and create in a positive productive way for all those involved. This creates that feeling of “the wind in your sails” and a positive “unstoppable flow” and being “in the zone”. We use these words to describe the deeper hidden nature that is often not understood or seen but is quite palpable. Sessions with Kristin directly address, engage, harmonize and transform these seemingly “hidden” aspects delivering a cutting edge advantage to transform your B/C/O into its highest potential.

“When I look at a business/organization/corporation, I see both the individuals involved and the consciousness of the business itself in great detail on multiple levels of being. Looking at the individuals I see their personality traits, skills, challenges, interpersonal tendencies, gifts, potential, growth capacity, corresponding work related soul purpose and more. Looking at the business, I see the current energetic signature, the human influences that impact the current signature, the energetic blueprint of the business in its highest potential, and the path to reach the highest aligned potential. I also see the overarching flows of nature and consciousness influencing the B/C/O on a larger scale and how the B/C/O flows best with in this larger orchestration. Healing session for owners and the business transform the limiting influences within the current energetic signature of the business, so as to transform the business signature itself and support the conscious alignment with the larger forces at play. Healing sessions for other individuals involved offer an additional support for an easeful ground level transition from the previous energetic signature to the higher frequency signature as well as facilitate greater harmony, efficiency, productivity and joy in the work environment. “ ~ Kristin

More Details about B/C/O sessions

More Info about Family Healing Session Intensives


Fund Raising Donations are not deductible charitable tax donations but may satisfy tax deduction criteria in your circumstances. Please seek your own taxation advise and governing tax laws.