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“I have experienced many ‘awakening’ webinars and this was, by far, the most accessible, impactful and sustaining.”

— David Still, Investment Banker

“Class with Kristin is exquisite. I remember who I am. It feels like coming home.”

— Monica M. social worker

“Kristin’s classes have opened up access to worlds I only dreamed of. The skills I have acquired have given me the ability to pursue my path as a medical intuitive.”

— R.B., intuitive healer

“Kristin has an exquisite talent to awaken your spirit and soul. I entered the class as a beginner and I am amazed at how much I have learned. The awareness and skills I have acquired have had a tremendous impact on my daily meditation.”

— N.M

““Your words were immaculate and where there was darkness or confusion, there is more light and awareness! So much pragmatic advice tonight that reached me on many dimensions as I FEEL it. All your sessions are amazing but this one hit it out of the “cosmic park”! I will be reviewing this FOR SURE soon!””

— B.F

“I just finished watching the live stream video from Tuesday Feb. 6th and it was awesome!!! You really hit that one out of the park! "

— L.B.

So clear! So impactful! So many of your teachings so authentically and directly communicated! You brought through so many profound messages in the simplest most direct way! It filled me with so much energy and gratitude that I literally got out of my chair about 3 times to bounce around before I could continue listening to the video. Loved it and thank you !So thanks….”

— M.A.

“The profundity of how working with Kristin has over time altered me providing new levels of confidence, calm and groundedness, as well higher attuning abilities is such a gift. Kristin has a level of PRESENCE that few embody and it’s an honor to be in her energies each week and with the recordings..”

— Mary

“Kristin brings an extraordinary level of compassion, acceptance, wisdom, curiosity, and delight to her work, as well as an important, deep understanding that we as humans are all ‘gloriously messy.’”

— Sherry C

“Your words have held out a hand of trust and so brought down another crust of fear that actually there are no true teachers no ‘elders’ that I am able to hear. Your words have already helped me greatly. Thank you.”

— Alain

“Kristin is unafraid to be the voice and space of clarity this world needs. She is unhurried in how she creates sacred space and it makes for lasting transformation. I so appreciate how Kristin takes the care needed to share the most abstract and almost ‘indescribable’ experiences, putting them into relatable language and palpable transmission.”

— Shatay